Wednesday, August 18, 2010

And they're off!

Hello and welcome to "Do The World"!

My name is Teen and I am the one that is jumping on that top graphic up there. This is the start of mine and Jenn's whirlwind adventure.

We will be starting in Singapore.

Background: Jenn got a job, so we moved.

First impressions of Singapore: Different.

It is like a big city in North America with a twist. A twist that is good though. High sky scrapers, underground subways, frequent buses, and people wearing nice business clothes. Everything that a big city has, Singapore has. The high sky scrapers are mostly in the business district where there is expensive food and a major of the population works (at least what I can tell by the direction the big crowds are going). The underground subways are called SMRT: Singapore Mass Rapid Transit. Believe me when I say this is SMART because it is super efficient and it is so big, you looked in either direction while inside the train, and you feel like it goes on and on. Like it would take hours to walk from one end to the other. I haven't riden a bus yet, so I don't any much to say, but it seems like they are really good and they are supposed to be air conditioned which is KEY here! Everyone here wears nice suits, ties, shoes, tops, bags, heels and cell phone head sets. You can spot a tourist out of the crowd because they will be the only one wearing shorts and sunglasses. PS in a place that is sunny 70% of the time, you would think more people wear sunglasses. The twist is, that even though so many things are so similar to North America, they have their staple on it (which I love). The things people hear say, do, wear, go have the culture here pouring out of it, yet you are looking at it saying "you look just like us". They do look just like us, it just has its own charm (I guess) about it.

The food here has been absolutely amazing. Not only is it super delicious it is super cheap! Jenn and I got dinner the other night for S$11 (=$8 CAD). Yeah it is awesome to dine here. Because it is so cheap to eat out, Jenn and I have been trying not to buy groceries until we move into our more permanent residence. Jenn's company includes a place for the first month. They are very nice!

With all that in mind, first impression of Singapore, it is a city. A BIG city. If you can handle the hussle and bussle of everything, you will fit right in mind (like me because I love transit services). If you still want to see Singapore but aren't a big city slicker, stick to the not-so-downtown areas you will still see things that are amazing and new, and you won't be so intimidated by the big crowds and tall buildings. Also good tip for anyone traveling around here, if you want to avoid the crowds travel at wierd times. Everyone goes/leaves to work at the same time, avoid those times and garunteed you will get a seat on the SMRT.

I have been doing some exploring and I like Singapore a lot. I am very excited to explore more and really get to know Singapore. Hopefully one day I can see the under belly of this place, see what is really going on behind the scenes!

These images are of the casinos with the Skypark on top and from atop the Skypark. Enjoy!

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