Thursday, September 2, 2010

About: Teen

Why do you want to travel?

I have always wanted to travel, but as I have gotten older, my dreams of it kept getting pushed away. I remember thinking about going around the world and see different animals (this is when I was super young). I think these dreams started to get pushed away because the stresses of school/job were getting in the way and I kind of put it aside. Jenn has been an amazing inspiration and has pushed me to knock those stresses off. I am indebted to her for many things, and this is one of them.

I want to find myself. I want to grow into a strong confident person. I want to experience new flavours, ingredients, food, drinks, cultures and people. I want to see different ways of thinking in different places. I love seeing different customs, routines and behaviours.

Where have you traveled so far?

I have done my fair share of travelling thanks to my amazing Mom and Dad. We have always done a family trip somewhere either close or far from home. We used to camp every chance we got when Dave and I were really young. We have done some intense outdoors stuff like the West Coast trail and Bowron Lakes, more recently because Dave and I could carry our own. I have also been to Hawaii, USA, Cuba, Singapore (duh!), Vietnam, Thailand (but only for two days, NOT ENOUGH) and I have been to China.

Where do you want to go most in your Asian travels?

I think I am most excited about Bali. We are supposed to go there with Jenn’s sister, Helen. After reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert I am really excited to meet people and experience what Bali has to offer.

Also, Laos.

What inspires you to travel?

I want to tell a story. You know when you talk to someone who has been travelling and they are talking about all of this stuff they have seen or done and it sounds so scary but exciting, I want to be that person telling a story. I want to tell people my story to inspire them to do something (whatever it is). I have recently met up with two people who were my inspirations. They had so many stories to tell and I was in awe of them. Thanks to them I have had a complete change of heart. I wasn’t in the best mindset when I first got here to Singapore, but now I am totally stoked.

If nothing was standing in your way, what would be your ideal trip?

It would be an events tour around the world (over and over, based on timing). I would want to go to all the big and small events/festivals that I could. Events and festivals include concerts, sporting events, local events/competitions, food, wine, beer, music. Everything that has something involving people getting together for an event, I would want to be there.

Top 5 destinations?

- Italy – for the food
- China – I have been there once and I really want to go back. And to see pandas.
- Gorillas/wildebeest migration in Africa (I don’t know where they are but I would go wherever to see them)
- The Amazon – I want to see one of the oldest rainforest in the world before it is gone. This includes staying at the Sloth Sanctuary.
- Ireland

So... what's next, what's the plan?

First, I want to explore more of Singapore. I have gotten to know this little corner, Chinatown. But this Saturday Jenn and I will be moving to our new place so it will be nice to explore another side of this island. Then in a week we are off to Bintan with Jenn’s friend, Ed.

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