Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brunei - Photos

Here are some of the photos from our trip to Brunei. A write-up to follow. Enjoy!

A mosque downtown.

Teen and Vic checking it out.

Reflection in sunglasses.

Teen grows extra arms.

One of the many homes in the water village - shot from a river boat.

Our trusty captain... this guy.

Racing a rowboat as the sun sets. Amazing. Those guys were ripped.

Egrets fly overhead. Our boat captain kept telling me over and over I was as white as they are. Then he laughed. A lot.

A mosque with decorative boat at night.

Heading out to the rain forest in another river boat.

James and Vic relaxing on the ride.

Walking the bridge at the top of the canopy. We climbed up a rickety metal lattice about 120 feet to get here. Nervous, wobbly fun.

The view from the top. Totally worth it.

Part of our hike was through rivers, which I loved. It was cool and refreshing after tromping through the heat for hours.

Our guide, Rudy, in the waterfall we all swam in :)

A frog caught on our night trek.

Frog snack.

Nom nom.


Another trek on day 3, where we came across a chicken coop at a clearing.

Back in town at yet another mosque!

One more shot for good measure.

Fish at the night market.

The night market.

Teen excited to be with food.

Jenn exploring the floating village.

A mosque downtown.

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