Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Krabi, Thailand

Jenn enjoying the boat ride to Railey Beach
 Krabi was a needed trip.  A day before we left, I just came back from my solo adventure in Kuala Lumpur and while away I missed Jenn more than I thought I would.  Jenn had been getting more and more stressed out as the date of departure for Krabi neared.  So we were needing a trip that would relax Jenn and allow me the quality time with Jenn that I was missing.  Krabi was a perfect solution for both of our problems.

Riding an ELEPHANT!
 This is the start of the Jenn and Teen travels: Our first trip away from Singapore, just the two of us.  All of our trips so far had been with other people, when we went to Bintan and Brunei.  Or I was traveling without Jenn when I went to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia.  It was nice to travel again together.  We had our first experience ever, when we went to Moab, Utah.  And, we all know how good of a trip that was!  

Elephant is taking a bath!
 Over the course of the week we took in some really awesome and fun activities: elephant riding, rock climbing, cooking class, and snorkelling.  These activities were super fun!  Our elephant was name bundrrrrr and all the elephants seemed happy at their place.  The rock climbing was awesome!  I climbed more and harder climbs then I thought I could do.  Jenn did awesome as well!  The cooking class was great because the food we made was the best food we had on the trip.  The snorkelling was fun, but the clarity in the water was not so good because of the rain.  It was still nice to get out in the water.  It was also really fun to swim in the water at night to see the fluorescence microbes in the water.  The rest of time was spent relaxing poolside or in our room and eating.  We ate a lot of food!

At the view point: All of Railey!

We got to celebrate New Year’s in Krabi.  It was great!  We had a wonderful dinner at our resort followed by some fun festivities at one of the bars.  It was so much fun!  We drank out of buckets and I limbo-ed under fire!
Jenn climing
All in all, Krabi was a relaxing trip and I think it brought Jenn and I closer together as a couple and as travel buds.  It was a relaxing trip for Jenn and I got to have the quality time I needed.  

Teen climbing